3. Someone utterly awful

by blinkingzeroes

Write about someone who is utterly awful in every way imaginable.

He’d spent the afternoon reading a book written by an old friend, curiously examining the characters for traces of his influence, and having found none – turned it into a personal crisis of self. Then to compound his self indulgences together, he complimented the author by how their work had triggered a self loathing that wasn’t exactly initiated by, but helped sped along by their novel.

The problem was, you see – that her book was about people who are, for better or for worse, using their art, their passion and in some cases, their lives to affect the world in what they see as a positive way. They are designed around if not simply the idea of, then the reality of people who engage, people with purpose. Earlier that day, he’d been interviewed about his job – a standard PR piece and for the first time in a long while, He’d felt hollow at the answers he’d given to questions about who he was. He’d realized his personality had become constructed not around what he creates, but about what he consumes and he’d felt like all he was at that time, was a shell filled with nothing. He was not someone that would influence anyone’s writing, because there was nothing about him that would be considered inspirational – and worst of all, he knew that deep down, he lacked the energy to change and so he never, ever, could be.