8. Suicidal society

Imagine a society in which suicide is the norm. Everyone plans theirs since childhood. People who die of natural causes are frowned upon. Suicides = physical death only. People are ‘killing themselves’ so that their consciousness can be digitized, allowing themselves immortality in a robotic/digital surrogate. The process itself is celebrated and rewarded in society […]

7. The Antique store

Write a story about an unassuming antique store with a weird secret. I think I’m going to exchange antique store for a charity shop. The idea is that the items in the store look like every day disgarded rubbish, and they are disgarded – but not quite in any manner that could be considered usual. […]

6. Three objects

Three objects for your use : A Virgin Mary statue, a┬ábucket of marbles and a sandwich nobody will ever eat 1 . A ghosthunter sets up to record paranormal activity as he trains his rookie protege. 2. An undertaker pranks his new trainee, having sent him to a local shop for a specific list of […]

5. The meat cult

A local cult is stealing livestock. The cult = local dads who are BBQ fanatics, trying to barbecue the perfect burger – and are stealing livestock to keep alive as live donors for their BBQ meat. The story is told from the perspective of a local dad being inducted into the fold. Parallel to children […]

4. Histories loser

Write about a historical event from the perspective of the “losers” Centring on a native American working in a casino – drawing a parallel to a rich man losing his chips.

3. Someone utterly awful

Write about someone who is utterly awful in every way imaginable. He’d spent the afternoon reading a book written by an old friend, curiously examining the characters for traces of his influence, and having found none – turned it into a personal crisis of self. Then to compound his self indulgences together, he complimented the […]

2. Little girl goes to hell

A little girl dies and is accidentally sent to hell where the demons don’t know what to do with her She ends up being used as a means to punish underperforming demons/provide a special hell for the demons themselves, bringing hells punishment quotient to 100%. The demons become recievers of dreaded tea part invitations and […]