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6.11 Self Portrait writing

I’m always cracking my back and neck lately. The area aches. Constantly. It never stops. About 5 years ago I awoke from a hangover that never went away and ever since, I’ve been dizzy and life has hurt. Reality, that is – the real world can grow distant. Blurred. It’s never quite as close as […]

W5T1 5.8 : Challenging expectations [rough]

“Eggs, Pasta, Pancetta… What else?” thought Rick, noticing the sideways glances of other shoppers in his periphery. Unsure if their attention was the result of recognition, or because he’d been murmuring his thoughts out loud again, he slunk into the next aisle, away from their attention, and conveniently, towards the dairy fridges where the cream […]

W3T2 – 3.11 Generate Something New

We weren’t quite sure what to do with her when she first arrived, you see –  it’s not often that little girls, or boys for that matter, end up here. At first, we assumed it was simply a mistake and that someone from head office would pop down to rectify the problem, put her to […]

W3T1 – Editing Practice

Hilary squinted at the dark clouds, pulling her coat in close to shield herself from the storm, and her pistol from the rush hour’s prying eyes.

W2T3. 500 Words Short [first draft]

Rick stood, overlooking the amusement park. Alone. He’d been here once before, when his parents took him when he was young. Too small to go on any of the rides, he’d watched his parents climb to the top of the biggest slide in the park and go down together and he’d paid the lady at the […]

W2T2. Familiar words in unfamiliar places

Try describing something familiar with one or two ordinary words that you wouldn’t normally use in that context.  My last memory was of a fading light. The darkness smothering where my body lay listening to the sound of life sweeping itself away.

W2T1. Imaging Writing Spaces

“Imagine two different venues for writing – one that seems most suited to you, and one that you would find bizarre or too difficult. Write a paragraph describing two writers at work, one in each of the venues.” 1. The vessel heaved upon the water again. Robert had by now, mostly tuned out the rolling […]

W1T2. 200 Word Character Sketch

Upon our introduction, I was struck that anyone still living could present such a graven image. The man shaking my hand was a towering giant,  chiselled from stone as though he himself was a place of mourning. Two shallow graves for eyes that ended in narrow slits punctuated with grey dots for pupils. as the hand […]

W1T1. Three Facts, One Fiction (and Reverse)

3 facts, 1 fiction Living on the high street has it’s perks. Disturbed by the noise, I used to often find myself laying awake gazing idly at the glints of headlights upon the flickering canvas of my ceiling. These days, I stay up to watch, waiting for city’s next message. 1 fact, 3 fictions My […]